Being a public school, the admissions are done through form 1 selections by the Ministry of Education at the beginning of every year

Form 1 Admission Letter

Name of Student …………………………………………………………………………….

KCPE Index No ………………………………………. Year ………………………………

Thro’ ……………………………………………………………………………………………

Dear Student,

Congratulations on your good performance in the 2016 KCPE Examinations!

I am pleased to inform you that you have been offered a place in Form One in this school in the year 2017.  St. George’s Girls’ Secondary School is situated on Dennis Pritt Road, next to State House and directly opposite Kenya National Examinations Council offices in Caledonia – Kilimani.

The reporting time will be 9.00 am on  ……………………………………

If you do not report by this date it will be assumed that you do not wish to take up the admission and consequently the chance will be given to another deserving candidate.

Your house will be ……………………………………………………….and your T-shirt, bed sheets and buckets will be as per house colour.  Please find the proforma for the purchase of uniform items and house requirements attached.  The fees structure is also attached for your use.

I would like to wish you a very fruitful stay in this institution.






Full Name of Student: _________________________________________________

Date of Birth: ________________________________________________________

Date of Reporting: ______________________ Religion: ______________________

Nationality: ___________________ Home District: _____________________

K.C.P.E Results:  _____________________________________________

Last School attended:  ___________________________________________

Father’s/Guardian’s Full Name: ___________________________________

Occupation: __________________________________________________

Office Address: __________________________________________________

Office Telephone No.: _______________ Personal Tel. No. _________________

Mother’s/Guardian’s Full Name: _____________________________________

Occupation: ___________________________________________________

Office Address: ____________________________________________________

Office Telephone: _______________ Personal Tel. No. ______________________

Home Address: ___________________________________________________

Home Telephone _________________________________________________

Physical Residence/Estate:_________________________________________

Street: ___________________________ House No.________________________

Living with (i.e Family/Guardian) ____________________________________

Incase of emergency (illness) to be taken to ________________________ Hospital

Emergency Contact: Name: _________________________________________

Special Circumstances (i.e Health) ____________________________________


Total No. of children in the family in order of age.




Payment of School Fees to be done by: (Person paying: Give name below)

Father/Mother/Guardian/Sponsor ___________________________________

I am ready to abide by all school regulations.

Parent: ____________________________ Student: ___________________


Admitted to Form ___________________________________________________

Admission No. ______________________________________________________

Observations _______________________________________________________

_________________________________________ Date ____________________

Signature ___________________ Designation ___________________



Student’s Name: _____________________________________________ (F)

Date of Birth: ______________________________ Form: ____________________

Address: __________________________________ Home Phone: ______________

Name of Parent or Guardian: _______________________________ Office Phone of

Father ________________ Mother _______________ Guardian _________________

Person to contact in case of emergency when Parent or Guardian cannot be reached.

Name: _________________________________ Address: ___________________

________________________  Relationship with student ____________________

Office Telephone: __________________Home Telephone: ___________________

Mobile: ___________________    ID No./Passport No. _____________________


Indicate the following that your daughter has or has had in the past.

 Head/neck injuries (Yes) (No) (Year ________________________________).

  1. Muscle bone or joint disease (Yes) (No) (Year ________________________).
  2. Glasses or contact lenses (Yes) (No) (Year___________________________).
  3. Serious vision impairment (Yes) (No) (Year __________________________).
  4. Hearing problem (Yes) (No) (Year ______________________________).
  5. Exposure to tuberculosis (Yes) (No) (Year ____________________________).
  6. Hernia (Yes) (No) (Year ___________________________________________).
  7. Diabetes (Yes) (No) (Year _________________________________________).
  8. Kidney disease (Yes) (No) (Year ____________________________________).
  9. Rheumatic fever (Yes) (No) (Year ___________________________________).
  10. Sickle cell anaemia (Yes) (No) (Year _________________________________).
  11. Fainting spells (Yes) (No) (Year _____________________________________).

Epilepsy or other Seizure disorders __________________________________).

  1. German measles (Yes) (No) (Year ___________________________________).
  2. Allergies to insect stings etc. (Yes) (No) (Year __________________________).
  3. Allergic disorders _________________________________________________

Asthma ________________________________ (Yes) (No) (Year __________).

Hay Fever ______________________________ (Yes) (No) (Year __________).

Other __________________________________________________________

  1. Operations/Surgeons (Yes) (No) (Year ________________________________).
  2. Currently taking medication or injections (Yes) (No) (Year _________________).
  3. Was the child born at full term or premature birth (Yes)(No) (Year _________).
  4. Any other serious disability or illness (Yes) (No) (Year _____________________).


Parents’ comment on anything checked “Yes” above.



Parents’ comments regarding behaviour and physical or emotional problems



I hereby give permission for information on this document to be made available
to school and health department authorities.

Date _________________ Signature of Parent/Guardian ______________



(To be filled out and signed by Physician)

Measurements: Height ___________ Weight __________ Blood Pressure __________

Vision  ____________ Hearing _________ Dental _________________

Laboratory:  Urinalysis __________ Allergies _______________ Hb/Hct __________

Immunizations Given: __________________ Neurological ___________________

Abnormalities: ______________________________________________________


  1. Does this girl have any conditions (such as communicable disease) that would make her attending school a problem to the other students? (Yes) (No)


  1. Does this girl have any conditions that might make attending school a hazard to her (Chronic Debilitating Disease etc)?


  1. Is there anything about the girl that would indicate that special attention or special services in school would increase the benefit she might receive (hearing or visual, mental retardation) need to limit physical exercise etc? If any of the above are answered “Yes” please explain why. Add any other desired comments.

Name of Student: _____________________________________________

Name of Physician: ____________________________________________

Signature and Stamp: __________________________________________

Date: _______________________________________________________


We the undersigned Parents/Guardians of ___________________________________

________________________________ a minor do hereby consent to any x-ray examination, anesthesia, medical or surgical diagnosis or treatment and hospital service that may be rendered to the said minor under the general or special instructions of______________________________________________________________ or any physician is called by the school.

It is further understood that this consent is given in advance of any specific diagnosis or treatment which might be required and is given to authorize St. George’s Girls’Secondary School or the physician to exercise their best judgment as to the requirement of such diagnosis or treatment.

This consent shall remain in continuous effect until revoked in writing and delivered to the school or organization entrusted with the custody of said minor.

Signed: _______________________________________________(Father)

           ______________________________________________ (Mother)

           ________________________________________ (Legal Guardian)


 Date: _____________________________________________



Name of Student: _________________________________________________

Adm. No.: _______________________________________________________

Class: ___________________________________________________________

Hereby sign that we shall be responsible for signing OUT our Daughter/Ward from school for HALF-TERM and HOLIDAYS.

 Certified signatories are:





  2. HOME SCIENCE  To choose one subject from this group


  2. FRENCH To choose one subject from this group
  3. MUSIC

NB: Computer is compulsory in Form 1 & 2 but a choice subject from Form 3


  1. _________________________________ GROUP _______________
  1. _________________________________ GROUP _______________


I _____________________________________ ADM.NO. ___________________

Class ___________________________ agree to abide by all the school regulations.

The school’s minimum expected grade is C+.  Students who fail to maintain this minimum grade will be put in an intensive remedial programme where parental co-operation will be required.

NAME                                                                            SIGNATURE

Student _______________________             ______________________

Parent/Guardian _______________               _____________________


  1. Students must maintain discipline, be punctual, obey and respect Teachers, Prefects, Monitors and all the School Support and Non-Teaching Staff Members, failure to which the student will be given appropriate punishment.
  1. Students must observe silence. Noise making will not be condoned and will be treated as a serious offence.  Offenders will face the School Disciplinary Committee and chronic noise makers will be sent home for a period not exceeding seven (7) days and when they return they will be punished.  Those who do not return on the same day will be booked for a punishment either during half term or end term.
  1. All medical appointments will be made on weekdays and not on weekends. All appointments should be between Mondays – Thursdays from 8.00 a.m. to 4.30 p.m.  Students must report back to school the same day before 6.00 pm unless they are admitted in hospital.
  1. Students will remain in the School Compound at all times during the school term. Written permission must be given to leave school, failure to which the student will be suspended; on return face the Disciplinary Committee andwill appear before the Board of Management for disciplinary action.
  1. School property must not be damaged or lost, when damaged or lost, the student responsible will replace the same within the stipulated time, failure to which the student will be penalized accordingly.
  1. Substance abuse which includes all alcoholic drinks, drugs, cigarettes,use and possession of electronic items e.g flash disks, CDs or DVDs not meant for computer classes, mobile phones, radios etc. are completely forbidden to students at all times. If found the student will be suspended, on return face the Disciplinary Committee and will appear before the Board of Management which may recommend her exclusion from school to the County Education Board.
  1. Sharing of beds, moving from one bed/room to another for sleepovers, wrong relationships and illicit girl/girl relationships (lesbianism) are not allowed in this school. Any student found having broken one or all the above will appear before the Board of Management and BOM recommend to the County Education Board to have the student excluded from school to go to a day school.
  2. Full proper school uniform must be worn at all scheduled times. Games uniform must be worn during games and P.E lessons. These should be clean, well mended and neat. Disciplinary action will be taken against a student who does not observe this.
  1. No illegal items should be brought to school e.g. cooked food, juices, flavoured milk and other banned food items, home clothes, knives, guns, unauthorized drugs, torches, candles, sharp objects etc. If found they will be confiscated and the concerned students punished severely.
  1. Academic Work: Holiday assignments, Exams, Daily homework, group work, etc must be done and completed on time.  Any student with incomplete assignments will be given appropriated punishment.  Missed examinations will not be administered outside schedule times. Students must have up to date notes for each and every subject they do.  Should one be found without up to date notes, she will be sent home to go make notes and then report back to Deputy Principal – Academics who will give an appropriate punishment.
  1. Certain areas are out of bounds e.g. Staff room, Staff Houses including Matrons’ houses, special rooms, Laboratories, Home Science rooms, Administration block area etc. except with express permission of a teacher. Any student found in areas that are out of bounds will be given appropriated punishment.
  1. Students will walk only on the paved footpaths and avoid use of unauthorized paths. If found, appropriate punishment will be given.
  1. Students should be punctual at all times and strictly observe the school routine. All allocated school duties must be done properly and promptly. Students must sleep and wake up at the designated sleeping/waking time.  Any student who will be found in the dormitory the wrong time will be punished by the matrons.  Complaints will not be listened to.
  1. Laboratory equipments/chemicals must be used only in the laboratories. Any student found carrying them out of the laboratories will be surcharged and severely punished.
  1. Tatoos, coloured/tinted hair, curl kits, long nails, polished nails, sun glasses, make ups, earrings, nose rings, necklaces, bracelets, bangles, hair pieces, plaited hair, Rastafarians, extensions, weaves and wigs and fancy hair styles are prohibited in this school. Use of strong deodorants/perfumes is also not allowed because they may affect some students who are allergic to such substances and those who could be asthmatic.  Long hair should be combed and tied at the back with a black ribbon.  Any student found in possession of any of the above items will be appropriately punished.
  1. Bullying/fighting, gossiping, use of vulgar language, insults and possession of pornographic literature are not allowed at all in school. Any student found doing any of the above will be suspended from school for a period of two weeks (14 days), on reporting back will appear before the Board of Management which will recommend to the County Education Board for exclusion of such student from school.
  1. All forms of cheating in examinations will lead to cancellation of results and concerned student will be punished. If the culprit is a Form 4, the school leaving certificate will be written in such a manner that it will reveal that the student cheated in the examinations.
  1. Stealing of school property or students items is strictly forbidden. Those who will be found with stolen property will replace it three times of what they have stolen and then will be advised to go to a day school.  Please note this will not be negotiable.  Any student pocket money in excess of Kshs. 500 should be surrendered to the Bursar for safe keeping.  Cases of money stolen from classes or dormitories will not be tolerated or listened to.
  1. Students are not allowed to get into any kind of relationship with the Non-Teaching staff, or send them to buy things or communicate to their parents/guardians even if such a Non-Teaching staff is a relative. All students’ issues must be addressed by teachers except for medical issues that will be handled by the school nurses.  Any student breaking this rule will be punished accordingly.
  1. Impersonation and forgery are criminal offences. Any student found guilty of these will be suspended from school and may be prosecuted.
  1. Wet clothes should be hanged on the hanging lines and not in the rooms at all times including weekends.

These rules supersede any other that may have been given earlier on to the students.


Each student will make it her duty to excel and maintain total discipline for the school to realize its motto: “Integrity and Knowledge”.

I ______________________________________________ have read and understood these rules and I shall abide by them at all times.

Student:  Signature: _____________________Date: __________________

Parent/Guardian (Witness):    Name ________________________________

Signature: _____________________ Date: _________________________






Neptune Baby Pink (Plain) Red Red with House Name White with School Name
Mars Yellow (Plain) Orange Yellow with House Name White with School Name
Venus Sky Blue (Plain) Blue Blue with House Name White with School Name
Jupiter Lilac Purple (Plain) Lilac Purple Lilac Purple with House Name White with School Name
Mercury Green Green Green White with School Name
Galaxy Gray Gray Gray White with School Name
  • 2 Night dresses (cotton material)
  • Jogging suit with school name and according to house colours.
  • No pyjamas and fancy night dresses will be accepted. These will be confiscated.


NB:  No extra item of clothing will be allowed in the school.



  1. MILK
    Maximum of 24 pkts of 250 ml long life milk (Not flavoured)
    Weetabix –        one 250 gms packet
    Peanut Butter OR Jam OR Blue Band/Prestige – 500 gms      only one of the 3
    is allowed

Maximum of 10 Medium sized ones e.g Mangoes, Oranges, Avocadoes, Pears only

Apples are not allowed at all.

NB:  Food items brought to school are not compulsory and no one is compelled to buy these.  They are optional.

Requirements to be presented during admission

  1. Polythene Book Covers – 26 in number – A4 size for covering both text and exercise books that will be issued in school.
  1. 4 certified passport size photographs (NOT PHOTO ME) taken in full St. George’s Girls’ Secondary School Uniform.
  1. 1 copy of Birth Certificate (Copy and Original) – Mandatory.
  1. A copy of KCPE Result Slip duly certified by the former Headmaster/Headmistress (Copy and Original)
  1. A copy of School Leaving Certificate duly certified by the former Headmaster/Headmistress (Copy and Original)
  1. 3 Spring Files (not Box or Clip)

(i)   Personal File

(ii)  Science, Mathematics and Languages file.

(iii)  Humanities and Technical subjects file

  1. Personal effects and equipment for boarding will be provided in school at a fee i.e a bed, a pair of bed sheets, pillow case, a mattress, 2 blankets, a bed cover, a pillow, and dormitory locker.


(i) Writing of students names on the left hand collar of their blouses.

(ii) Sweaters to be labeled at the back outside of the collar.

(iii) Skirts to be labeled at the left hand side of the hem.

(iv) Bedwetting students to bring along a mackintosh.

(v) Socks to be labeled at the top part.

(vi) No metal boxes and suitcases, only foldable bags will be carried to school.

NB:  All labels must be visible on the outer side of the clothing.

St.Georges Girls Nairobi


School Uniform Requirements

You can either buy school forms at Animet Uniforms or at School Outfitters. To Download school Uniform requirements click on the links below:

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School Outfitters Uniforms

School Fees Structure

Click on the Link below to Download the Fee Structure

School Fees Structure