From left-right:
Standing: Mrs. Wainaina, Mrs. Gichuki, Mr. Oloo, and Mr. Ondiek Sitting: Mr. Owino, Mr. Wanjau, Mr.Nganga, Mr.Oduor

St. George’s Girls’ Secondary school realizes that mere production of academics is not, by itself, enough. It is necessary to mould a well-rounded individual who would fit and be a useful citizen in her society. Towards this end a general programme that includes character building, the inculcation of a sense of responsibility with its attendants of motivation, efficiency, and commitment is part of the school’s life.

This is achieved by offering a variety of challenging activities through17 clubs such as Debating, Dramatics, Scouting, United Nations Forum, Wildlife, Business, Young Farmers, Writers, Scientific, Presidential Award Scheme and Exchange Programme among others. In addition, there is a wide variety of games, which include Basketball, Soccer, Hockey, Volleyball, Handball, Lawn Tennis and indoor sports. Swimming and Athletics are a major attraction. St. George’s Girls’ Secondary school is a God-orientated institution rooted in Christianity. It however, accommodates other religious faiths.

The happy result of this combination of academic performance, a variety of extra-curriculum activities and Christian involvement is that “St. Gee” graduates – the substantial number of whom go on to become civil servants, professionals, diplomats, teachers, leaders in Government, in politics, in business, in industry and agriculture etc – have made immeasurable contributions to Kenya’s national development.